Geoff Rochwarger Helps Community in Need

Geoff Rochwarger, CEO of IDT Energy and a resident of Teaneck, NJ, has been giving back to his community. When he saw that the Helping Hands Food Pantry was in desperate need of a new vehicle for its tremendously vital work, he stepped in. Indeed, it was Geoffrey Rochwarger who gave a kick-start to the entire fundraising campaign, when the organization failed to win the new car contest it entered.

In response to his donation, Rochwarger of IDT Energy said he was “excited” to have the “opportunity to support [such] an organization.” He added that he has for a long time made it a priority to help this organization, since “the importance of supporting the local community and giving back is something that has been engrained in me by my mentor, Howard Jonas, from the very beginning.”
The charitable organization was most grateful for Geoff Rochwarger’s assistance, with the Volunteer Director, Janice Preschel pointing out, “we worked so hard and had so many supporters helping us in our effort to win, but we fell short.”

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