Energy Saving Tips for Small Appliances

  1. Instead of using the oven, cook with small appliances when possible. Toaster ovens, slow cookers and electric skillets all use less electricity.
  2. By shortening cooking time, you reduce energy use. A microwave is a great example.
  3. Maintain air filters by cleaning or replacing them regularly.  Clogged filters are less effective, and result in longer usage of the unit. Air filters are found in appliances like vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and exhaust hoods.
  4. Run cold water for disposal. Energy is used to heat warm water. Col water also solidifies grease, allowing it to pass through the garbage disposal and pipes with greater ease.

Better Building – Reduced Energy Costs

It seems that the better the buildings are constructed, the lower one’s utility bills will be… eventually. This is great news for everyone, whether you are using IDT Energy or any other company. If you insulate your building well and ensure all steps have been taken to reduce energy consumption, you at least know you are doing your part. So how do you do this?

According to a recent report from Architecture 2030, by making various changes at the construction level, the US building sector will save trillions of dollars in energy costs and, at the same time, conserve huge amounts of resources throughout the country. This translates into big savings for Americans, since, if the estimation is correct, between now and 2030, a staggering $3.7 trillion will be saved on energy costs due to emissions projections and decreased usage, which is largely the result of greener building practices.
Thus it seems like for those wanting to save on their IDT Energy bills, one smart way to do it is to plan ahead.

Welcome to the IDT Energy Store

Here at the IDT Energy Store, you will learn about the most effective energy-efficient products and tools for your home or office.

Save money. Save energy.

Different appliances and products consume varied amounts of energy. Many are suitable for specific environments, and are not meant to serve any purpose. Light bulbs, batteries, wires and screens all have a significant impact on monthly costs, as do appliances such as radiators, refrigerators and microwaves.

Some of our store’s featured products include Sun-Mar Garden Composters, Honeywell Programmable Thermostats, and GE Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell VisionPro 8000 Programmable Thermostat

If you’re looking for a beautiful and professionally-made thermostat, this is the one you want for energy savings.

Super performance
1year warranty


SKS15EAWW/SP (15W, Micro) : 15 Watt, Spiral Warm White CFL Medium

Looking for a cool but zany looking light bulb that just could save you a bundle this winter?


Turn Off the Computer!

An easy way to save money on one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider bill is by simply turning off the computer.  In fact, neglecting to do so is a true waste of energy.  One way to make this easier is with the EcoButton which is plugged into a USB drive.  Whenever you leave your computer, press the button, which puts the computer into energy-saving mode.  When you return, press it again and the computer resumes in the same place it was left.  You are unlikely to forget, as the button is very bright and right next to the computer. It’s very good for people who are multitasking and often come and go with their computer.

The other cool thing about the EcoButton is that it estimates the average annual electricity savings when used efficiently, will be approximately $60, giving one a 500% return on their investment in the first year alone.  Indeed, it is able to calculate the amount of energy saved every time it is used so that one can actually see how much money they are saving with every button press, giving them immediate gratification.

Energy-Saving Tips for the Home

There are many ways for to save money on your IDT Energy (or other utility service provider) bills. This can be done by looking around the house and following some simple tips. In the kitchen, for example, there are many ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. If you have a dishwasher, don’t pre-wash your dishes. Too many people end up basically doing their dishes twice which is both an energy- and time-killer. Today, with dishwashers such as TrueSteam technology from LG, it is absolutely unnecessary to pre-wash dishes since they use high-pressure steam particles to remove food residue. Since this also has an easy rack system which enables the interior to be custom-tailored to your requirements, it might be worth making the investment.

Next, assess your laundry situation. The US Department of Energy has found that Americans do an average of 7 ½ loads of laundry each week. Consider how some of these can be eliminated; sometimes people just put clothing into the laundry hamper because they don’t want to fold it up and put it away again. Is an item of clothing really dirty and in need of a wash after it has been worn for an hour or so during a non-active period? Think about it and you could make significant savings on the time and energy you spend on your laundry each week.

Geoff Rochwarger Helps Community in Need

Geoff Rochwarger, CEO of IDT Energy and a resident of Teaneck, NJ, has been giving back to his community. When he saw that the Helping Hands Food Pantry was in desperate need of a new vehicle for its tremendously vital work, he stepped in. Indeed, it was Geoffrey Rochwarger who gave a kick-start to the entire fundraising campaign, when the organization failed to win the new car contest it entered.

In response to his donation, Rochwarger of IDT Energy said he was “excited” to have the “opportunity to support [such] an organization.” He added that he has for a long time made it a priority to help this organization, since “the importance of supporting the local community and giving back is something that has been engrained in me by my mentor, Howard Jonas, from the very beginning.”
The charitable organization was most grateful for Geoff Rochwarger’s assistance, with the Volunteer Director, Janice Preschel pointing out, “we worked so hard and had so many supporters helping us in our effort to win, but we fell short.”

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Preparing for Winter Energy Use

As any New York energy provider can confirm, seasonal changes dramatically impact energy use in homes and office buildings. IDT Energy and other local companies can provide personalized advice for people seeking to lower their monthly bill.

In the meantime, here are a few tips from to prepare for the upcoming winter season:

  • When using your furnace, set your heating thermostat at 68 degrees or lower during the day, health permitting. Set your thermostat at 55 degrees for the night, or when you will be away for more than four hours.
  • In winter, open drapes on sunny days to help warm the rooms.
  • Do only full loads when using the clothes washer and dryer.
  • Clean the dryer lint trap after each use, and check the dryer vent for clogging. When possible, dry your clothes on a line.
  • Close the damper when not using the fireplace and turn your heater(s) down when using your fireplace.

Energy Conservation During Winter Months

Winter months have many cozy aspects, but with the added warmth come higher energy costs. offers several tips to conserve energy and money despite the chill:

  1. Seal and insulate your home
  2. Use a programmable thermostat
  3. Install ENERGY STAR doors and windows
  4. Use LED holiday lights
  5. Turn off the lights
  6. Use lighting controls
  7. Lower the water heater
  8. Unplug electronics
  9. Use a power strip
  10. Adjust the blinds and curtains