Whether your home has a central heating system or not, electric heaters and gas fires are often used to keep specific rooms warm during the winter months.

Though this often ends up being expensive, it can actually minimize unnecessary energy consumption if done correctly. The habit can allow for a lower setting on the thermostat or even for hour-long breaks for the central heating system throughout the day. Radiators, fans and heat lamps are a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature in individual rooms when others aren’t occupied.

There are two different types of space heaters: fixed and portable. Fixed heaters are generally connected to the gas mains, electricity, LPG or other fuels, while portable heaters include oil-filled radiators, convector heaters, fan heaters and halogen heaters.

In order to use energy efficiently, heaters should feature a thermostat to regulate their temperature. These have the ability to shut off the power once the desired warmth has been achieved. That said, halogen and fan heaters tend to heat up and cool down more quickly, thus using energy for less time. However, these have the smallest reach in a room.