Three Bright and Simple Ideas for Energy Savings at Home

Some energy savings gadgets are high-tech wonders; but others are the manifestations of the simplest ideas. But don’t let their simplicity fool you. Over time much energy and money can be saved by the following clever, but straightforward strategic ideas.

•    Radiator Foil- Did you ever notice that the warmest place in your room is the space behind your radiator? Here’s an idea to get much of that wasted warmth back into the center of the room where the people are and where it belongs. Place a strip of radiator foil between your radiator and the wall, and voila! The heat is reflected back into the room. The foil gets a lot more of the warmth you are paying for to the place it belongs, next to you.

•    Eco Flap- Perhaps you have a letter slot in your door or wall next to your door? If you do you have probably noticed that a lot of unwanted either cold or hot air (depending on the season) gets into your insulated house through this pesky opening. Well there is a simple product that can control much of this unwanted air flow. The Ecoflap letterbox cover replaces the brushes, seals or flaps on the inside of your letterbox, keeping unwanted air out of your house.

automatic radiator bleeder•    Automatic radiator bleeder- Over time air can build up inside your radiator, making it less efficient at keeping your home warm. Until now it was necessary to frequently ‘bleed’ one’s radiators to allow the air to escape, making more room for the warm water circulating in the radiator’s coils. By installing a simple device which automatically allows the air to escape, heating efficiency is substantially improved. The automatic radiator bleeder can save families lots of energy and money, with no extra work.