New Energy Saving Devices for the New Year

It seems that all we need to do is put our minds to finding solutions, and answers to important problems are discovered. Here are a few useful, clever, and most importantly, energy saving ideas for you to look at, understand, and perhaps even incorporate into your own lifestyle.

355422-mpowerd-the-original-luci-solar-lanternMeet Luci by MPowerd. This solar lamp will produce 12 hours of light around 15 square feet anywhere with absolutely zero emissions. Plus, its inflatable!

355424-logitech-wireless-solar-keyboard-k750-for-mac-silverThis keyboard is solar powered and wireless. You can throw away your batteries and keep this baby going with whatever light you are using to illuminate your workspace. Keeps its charge up to three months in the dark.

355427-belkin-conserve-socket-f7c009q-energy-saving-outletThis device lowers electricity usage by turning off your unused appliances. You set an amount of time the device has sat idle before the outlet automatically shuts down energy flow. Eliminates phantom energy use.