Think About a Dehumidifier to Keep Cool



The Indian days of summer are here. You might not feel quite hot enough indoors to need the air conditioner, but you still might feel more comfortable a little cooler. For those in between days, a dehumidifier might be just the ticket.

Make sure to look for a dehumidifier that is certified with an Energy Star. These models use more efficient refrigeration coils, fans and compressors than ordinary models. That translates into less energy use for the same amount of moisture removal from the air.
A humidifier with an Energy Star endorsement takes out the same amount of moisture from the air as a comparatively-sized conventional unit, yet it used 15% less energy. The amount of energy an efficient humidifier saves each year is enough energy to run an Energy Star refrigerator for 4 months. Amazing.

IDT Energy is constantly considering new and better ways for consumers to save energy and save money, too.

IDT Energy: Energy Star and Teaching Kids About Saving Energy

Saving energy is not just a fad. It has to be a way of life if we are serious about preserving resources and saving money. The best way to insure a future of energy savers is to educate our children now about the importance and the methods of saving energy.

Luckily Energy Star has a wonderful website designed to make learning about saving energy fun for kids. the web site introduces the idea of saving energy by giving children the choice of entering three main sections; “Your Planet Needs You! Find Out Why!” “You Can Make Big Changes! Find Out How!” and a section that turns round to offer fun facts of all sorts.

Energy star kidsIDT Energy, together with Energy Star, hopes kids will get involved in saving energy for the future as well as for today.