Out with the Old and In with the New: Outdated Gadgets Waste Energy and Money

People who believe they are saving money by keeping their old electronic gadgets around instead of purchasing new ones are in for an unpleasant surprise. A recent study concluded that a household still using “legacy gadgets” uses the energy equivalent of what a car burned in fuel during the year 2007.

Researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York used the Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment database to come to the conclusion that consumers would be economically better-off if they purchased new devices such as TVs and phones rather than keep them around for the kids or relegated to upstairs bedrooms.

The following chart tells the story:


Great Gadgets, Better Savings

Smart Power Strip can save lots of energy

Smart Power Strip can save lots of energy

Yes we all love our electronic appliances, but some of them are energy hogs. Not to worry. There are several cool gadgets around which can help consumers enjoy their toys without spending extra just to run them.

  • Electricity monitors: The first step to saving energy is knowing how much you use. Just plug your device or appliance into the handy-dandy P3 Kill A Watt electricity monitor and you will immediately know how much electricity it consumes. Once you know how much each device and appliance is costing to run per hour, you can make some decisions about whether it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner, or use your home theater less often.
  • Draft detectors: Black & Decker’s Thermal Leak Detector will help homeowners or apartment dwellers discover the weak spots in their insulation. Using an infrared thermometer that can detect small differences in temperatures, this neat device will help you improve your home’s ability to maintain the temperature your appliances work so hard to achieve.
  • Smart power strips: Here’s a clever and simple way to save lots of energy. Since computers usually have lots of peripherals associated with them, such as speakers, printers, and more, they probably all stay plugged in and turned on all night and day, even when you turn off your computer. This power strip turns off all the peripherals at the same time that you power down your computer, saving lots of energy.

IDT Energy wishes consumers a great summer of energy savings.


DIY Double Glazing Saves Money and Energy

Save money and energy with easy to install double glazing

Save money and energy with easy to install double glazing

Enormous amounts of energy pass easily through windows, elevating the costs of keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Placing insulating curtains over the glass windows and doors can be a big boost. The best answer however, aside from simply not having windows, is to install double-glazing, or secondary glazing.

Since one of the best insulators is air, putting double panes in the windows creates a layer of air between them, adding a barrier similar to the warmth produced from a person’s own body heat when he/she wears a down jacket. Just think of double glazing as your window’s very own down comforter.

Double glazing can be expensive. There is a way to cut down costs which is easy, and that is using magnetic secondary glazing. There are places on-line where consumers can send their windows dimensions and receive a made-to-order glass held inside of a frame which comes with a removable magnetic strip. The glass is cut to size and sent to the customer ready to install.

IDT Energy encourages consumers to think about energy saving ideas and utilize them whenever possible, to save money and resources.